An American archaeologist battles betrayal, greed and his own shortcomings to save an eyewitness account of the greatest story ever told.




Eyewitness -- an action thriller with a spiritual twist

Sal Longo is an American archaeologist in Qumran, Israel, searching for Biblical treasures in the rugged hills overlooking the Dead Sea.

Since 1947 eleven caves have been unearthed here. Inside were 800 Biblical texts and the community rules of a breakaway Jewish sect known as the Essenes. Unlike earlier expeditions, Longo's team is using computerized imaging equipment to locate hidden caves. After three blistering seasons though, he is still searching for a super cave. When a Bedouin boy stumbles upon what may be the greatest scroll of all time, he unwittingly thrusts Sal Longo into a classic battle between good and evil.

The novel's story inside a story transports readers to Jesus of Nazareth on that fateful weekend 2,000 years ago that changed the world. Just as the ancient scroll once made a hurried journey to safety in Qumran, Longo and his gritty intern with digital media skills, Lucy Stone, must find a contemporary sanctuary. One unforeseen slip-up will mean Jesus' backstory, as told by a non-disciple, and their lives will be lost in the forbidding Judean Wilderness.