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  • Time to Reset Our Moral Compass

    Posted on April 22, 2015 in Inspirational Writings by

    Time to Reset The Moral Compass in AmericaHow did we come to a time in which spirituality, principles, and the family are minority virtues? All too often, we hear that God, religion, and morality are matters of personal opinion since man is a highly evolved being -- the apex arbiter of life on earth. Surely, he does not need a higher power or a religious leader telling him what is right and wrong. But once we fall into that self-serving trap, situational ethics and personal gratification trump absolute moral laws. In such a world, children are the real victims. Indeed the Family Research Council (FRC) recently reported that "55 percent of 15-to-17-year-olds in America do not live in intact families." Sadly, "more than 40 percent

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  • The Earth Is Putting On Its New Clothes

    Posted on April 10, 2015 in Inspirational Writings by

    Forsythia in BloomIn New England, the signs of April are slowly materializing: peepers are singing in ponds, robins are returning, crocus and daffodil have emerged from their subterranean homes, and the matted turf is turning green. Spring's two early blooming shrubs, bright yellow forsythia (pictured here) and white flowering dogwood, are beginning to unfold their leaves in sunny places. In addition to nature's signs, I always associate months with poems. Robert Frost, of course, reminds us of December with Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening. Geoffrey Chaucer (1340?--1400) best captures April, for me, with his Canterbury Tales. You might remember it -- a collection of 24 poems (half serious, h

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  • Proof Positive for the Resurrection

    Posted on April 5, 2015 in Inspirational Writings by

    Jesus Welcomes AllThe following timely article comes to us from the Y-Jesus Magazine, edited by Larry Chapman. --- JTS   A skeptic of the resurrection, Simon Greenleaf (1783–1853) helped to put the Harvard Law School on the map. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="350" class="zemanta-img"] Simon Greenleaf (1783-1853) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption] He wrote the three-volume legal masterpiece, A Treatise on the Law of Evidence, which is still regarded as “the greatest single authority in the entire literature of legal procedure.”[1] The U.S. judicial system today operates on rules of evidence established by Greenleaf. While teaching law at Harvard, Professor Greenleaf sta

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  • It’s Holy Week in the Christian World

    Posted on March 29, 2015 in Inspirational Writings by

    Crucifix at St Catherione's ChurchOne of the lost traditions of my childhood was the Good Friday vigil. The nuns at St Catherine's school would march us to church for a half hour of silent meditation. You might call it a death watch. I can still feel the quietness in the big church as I stared up at Jesus on the crucifix. This week, I will join a few senior citizens at a church in Burlington, Vermont where we will privately meditate on the greatest sacrifice ever made for mankind. We'll sit for a short time in silent recollection. I'll find myself recalling what the nuns used to say about Jesus' pain and suffering. Most people though will walk right past the church as they focus on the hustle and bustle of their lives.

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  • Give Me Some of That Old-Time Preaching on Sunday

    Posted on March 13, 2015 in Inspirational Writings by

    Billy GrahamI can count the number of great preachers I have heard on one hand. They are a rare breed. My top three: Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Bishop Fulton Sheen and, above, the incomparable Billy Graham. (Although their preaching days are over, you can still hear their God-given gifts of speech anytime on YouTube.) Of the current crop of great inspirational preachers, perhaps the most popular is the "Smiling Preacher" Joel Osteen. His weekly broadcasts from the Lakewood mega-church in Houston are beamed globally to over 7 million people. How does he do it? Says a recent CNN article: "Osteen may not have the grasp of theology and church history that some pastors have, but he knows how to co

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  • A Poem from My “Mianus River” Collection

    Posted on February 21, 2015 in Inspirational Writings by

    Frog Legs For two summers, Wayne and I rowed my dinghy upriver to Mrs. Farley’s marsh and poached frogs only to get caught and sent to juvenile court where Judge Tynsdale Harrington III, all chalky face and crimson lips, presided in black robes, ten feet above our terrified bodies. He looked at the charge sheet then stared at us with fiery eyeballs and demanded, “What in God’s good name were you audacious punks doing with a burlap bag full of frogs?” I stood still as a flagpole waiting for Wayne to speak, but he just gulped and gulped and never said a word. I had no pity on him because we would have been home free except he had tripped on an untied shoe

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  • “Where Have You Gone Joe DiMaggio?”

    Posted on February 10, 2015 in Inspirational Writings by

    Death of JournalismNBC News Flash…apparently official, there really is a parallel universe. The line between fact and fiction in journalism is often blurry, but now NBC confirms it. As Lance Morcan writes in the Orphan Conspiracies: “on television, high profile reporters [have] become bigger than the story, delivering news with large dollops of personality and wit--almost as if they are actors.” Brian Williams, head anchor of NBC’s nightly news, is the latest TV star to prove the point. He is in the doghouse for saying that his helicopter was shot-up and forced down during George II’s Iraqi war, and that bodies were floating below his Bourbon Street hotel window during Hurricane Katrina. In

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  • Get Ready — Winter Is Half Over

    Posted on February 1, 2015 in Inspirational Writings by

    Mountain Chapel, Stowe, Vermont  I once knew a Vermont farmer who had this sign hanging in his barn:  Half your wood and half your hay should be left on Candlemas Day.  With Candlemas--aka Groundhog Day--arriving on Monday, February 2nd this year , that old farmer would be hard pressed to meet that goal. In northern New England, we are enduring a winter reminiscent of a little Ice Age. (Certainly a far cry from the tipping point in the battle against global warming.) Across New England,  a pattern of one snow storm after another has set up. The latest blizzard blanketed Boston with over two feet of snow while Eastport, Maine recorded 45 inches of snow in one week. Atop Vermont's Mount Mansfield, it was a

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  • How Dreams Come True

    Posted on January 27, 2015 in Inspirational Writings by

    eyewitness-pdf          You may not believe this, but the first 50 pages of Eyewitness came to me in a photorealistic dream. I'm not claiming divine inspiration, but somehow the premise, setting and introductory pages appeared to me in dreamland. I recall waking at 2 AM--startled. It impressed me enough to get up and scribble down a summary. The dream started with a Bedouin boy leading sheep in the rugged hills above the Dead Sea. When a hungry sheep bolted from the herd, the kid chased it -- right under a yellow caution tape reading Danger Unsettled Ground. In the distance, I heard someone shout STOP, but the kid kept going. Almost at once, he disappeared in

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  • Martin Luther King Should Be Muslims’ Role Model

    Posted on January 18, 2015 in Inspirational Writings by

    VIOLENT ISLAMThe time has come for Muslims to change their global strategy. Ground wars against Israel have all been lost; bombings of high value targets have backfired; and sleeper cell attacks only solidify world  hostility. The answer for Islamic moderates and radicals alike lies in the civil rights campaigns of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. My dream is that an inspirational leader will someday rise in the Muslim world who will follow Dr. King's model. How Martin Luther King Changed America When I was child growing up in Greenwich, Connecticut in the 1950s, I heard stories of crosses being burned (as late as the 1940s) on lawns of “n____ lovers” in town. Even my mother, who loved everyo

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  • Oops…Science Has Discovered God

    Posted on January 2, 2015 in Inspirational Writings by

    Science Proves "Big Bang"Remember when Time magazine asked, "Is God Dead?" Since then, Christianity, religion and even spirituality have been spiraling downward. A recent Pew poll on religion found only 20% of the American population attends church on Sunday and the number of people with "no religion" is almost 60 million people. But the tide may be changing. In the last year especially, many scientists, agnostics and even atheists have begrudgingly admitted what people of faith have always known: the universe and everything in it began in a spectacular explosion that was pre-tuned by a super intelligence. Larry Chapman and his team at  Jesus Online Ministries recently published a well-researched essay o

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  • The Blizzard of ’55 — A Child’s Christmas Story

    Posted on December 20, 2014 in Inspirational Writings by

    BlizzardChristmas time was snowy and white as the North Pole when I was a child growing up in New England–all those years ago. Like an unwelcome houseguest, winter came early and stayed late. By Pearl Harbor Day, the pond near our house was frozen and daredevils were soon blasting hockey pucks across the thin ice. On Christmas Eve, we’d come out of candlelight service at the First Church in Greenwich and it always seemed to be snowing. I can hear mother singing “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” as she tiptoed down the stairs in black dress boots. Matthew and I, her twins, hung on each arm. Our kinky brown hair and red cheeks might have looked angelic, but our tongues were devilishly uncoil

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  • New Stephen Hawking Movie Great; His Newest Theory Dead Wrong

    Posted on December 9, 2014 in Inspirational Writings by

    The Real Story of CreationLast week, I saw a beautiful movie, The Theory of Everything. It is about the life and times of Stephen Hawking. Hawking, of course, is an eminent cosmologist and popular author who is almost entirely paralyzed by a condition similar to ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). Although he has supported the Big Bang theory of the birth of the universe, he fails to see God's hand in creation. In the following essay, read why even his fellow scientists believe he is flat-out wrong.   -- JTS  Big Bang Needed Fine Tuning to Create and Sustain Life After centuries of scientific debunking of religion, science and spirituality are converging. A scientific team reports “extraordinary new telescope evid

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  • Remembering Pearl Harbor

    Posted on December 2, 2014 in Inspirational Writings by

    Pearl harbor_1941 The following appeared last year; republished here by popular demand. --JTS World War II began almost a lifetime ago. The Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, which unleashed hell on earth, is a distant memory for most Americans. Standing in the smoke that Sunday morning in 1941 ws a 17-year old airman. Coolly, steadily, he fired his ivory-handled 38-caliber revolver at the red “meatballs” on the wings of Zeroes strafing Hickam Field. The young man was William “Bill” Polhemus who graduated at 16 from high school, and with parental consent, joined the Army-Air Force on his 17th birthday. I am not sure how Bill made his way to Pearl Harbor that fall. When he joined up, his

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