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Spend a Few Minutes with Jesus Today

  • Posted on April 18, 2014 in Inspirational Writings by Jack T Scully

    Crucifix at St Catherione's Church

    One of the lost traditions of my childhood was the Good Friday vigil.  The nuns at St Catherine’s school would march each class to the church for a half hour of silent meditation. You might call it a death watch. I can still feel the quietness in the big church as I stared up at Jesus on the crucifix, pictured here.

    This morning I went to St. Catherine’s web site, but found no notice of the old practice. It has succumbed to more popular observations. St. Catherine’s will hold a Bach Jazz concert tonight.

    This afternoon, I will join a few senior citizens in a church in Concord, Massachusetts. We’ll sit for a short time in silent recollection. I’ll recall what the nuns used to say about the  pain and suffering that Jesus endured for us. Most people in Concord though will walk right past the church as they begin Patriot Weekend festivities. I always wish  more people would spend a few minutes with that dying man on the cross. He’s given so much to us. It seems fitting that we do something for Him today.

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