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Time to Reset Our Moral Compass

  • Posted on April 22, 2015 in Inspirational Writings by Jack T Scully

    Time to Reset The Moral Compass in America

    How did we come to a time in which spirituality, principles, and the family are minority virtues?

    All too often, we hear that God, religion, and morality are matters of personal opinion since man is a highly evolved being — the apex arbiter of life on earth. Surely, he does not need a higher power or a religious leader telling him what is right and wrong. But once we fall into that self-serving trap, situational ethics and personal gratification trump absolute moral laws. In such a world, children are the real victims. Indeed the Family Research Council (FRC) recently reported that “55 percent of 15-to-17-year-olds in America do not live in intact families.” Sadly, “more than 40 percent of all children are born out of wedlock, and one in three children live in single-parent homes.”

    Only now are we coming to realize that in jettisoning the nuclear family, we have unwittingly set loose an epidemic of childhood depression, suicide, drug abuse, dropouts, pregnancies, and violent crime?

    In the face of these insults to the future of America, we need, more than ever, to reset our moral compasses. We need leaders from Washington DC to Main Street espousing traditional beliefs — respect for life, commitment to nuclear families, and absolute accountability of parents for the welfare of children. And we need to educate young people, especially in our inner cities, to these absolute realities of life.

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